The Best Dummies for Newborn Babies

Choosing the best dummies for newborn babies may sound easy but there are a few things you need to consider before you make a choice that you may be stuck with for months (or years!) to come.

You see, the best dummy for your baby will likely be different to the best dummy for your sister’s children, your best friend’s, etc. So it’s not enough to just choose a brand you recognise, you do need to give it a bit of thought.

But don’t worry! In this blog post I will dive into how to choose the best dummy for newborn babies depending on how they’re fed (breastfed or bottle fed), if they have any complications like tongue tie, and their temperament. This way you can ensure you’re making the right decision on dummies for your newborn.

Before we get into “the meat of it”, let’s cover some dummy basics that you’ve no doubt come across when considering whether or not to use dummies for your baby.

Is it safe to give my baby a dummy?

Yes! Research from The Lullaby Trust (LINK) indicates that sucking a dummy can even reduce the risk of SIDs in babies under 1 year. Dummies are also used in some special treatment centers to mimic breastfeeding which is known to help reduce pain in young babies undergoing treatment.

Sucking is incredibly comforting for babies and providing feeding is well established, it can help to reduce discomfort or pain for things like immunisations, night time settling and teething in the months to come after they’re born. In fact, some teething babies will chew wildly on their dummy to let you know what’s up!

As long as you’ve got an “exit strategy” (i.e. a game plan for taking away the dummy at some point), it is perfectly safe to introduce a dummy to your newborn baby.

When should I start using a dummy with my baby?

You can give your baby a dummy from birth if you want to, particularly if you are bottle feeding. If you are breastfeeding, it’s recommended to wait until feeding is well established (around 4-6 weeks old). This is because dummies can affect the latch and may cause nipple confusion.

If you use a dummy with your baby before they are 6 months old, ensure that you sterilise the dummies in the same way you would bottles or anything else you are putting in baby’s mouth. This will reduce the risk of them picking up germs.

Are there any dummy risks?

To ensure you are using a dummy safely with your newborn baby, and to eliminate risks, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Avoid dummy risks by ensuring that:

  1. You keep dummies off of anything intended to be tied or attached to your baby.
  2. Regularly sterilise your newborn’s dummies (ideally after every use).
  3. Check the teats often for cracks or breaks.
  4. Dispose of any dummies that are not perfectly intact (use the pull test (LINK
  5. Let dummies cool after sterilising before giving to your baby.

Most of these may seem like common sense but you’d be amazed at how many things are on the market (like dummy clips so baby’s don’t lose them) which are a huge hazard to your newborn, or how dummies deteriorate if you don’t regulary replace them, causing a choking hazard.

In a hurry? Here are the best dummies for newborn babies at a glance…

Now we’ve covered some of the basics, let’s dive in to the best newborn dummies. If you’re keen to know the best brands so you can add to your basket and be on your way, here’s a round up of the top 3.

best dummies for newborn babies

MAM Colours of Nature

  • Orthodontic dummy
  • Made from silicone
  • Comes with travel & sterilising case

best dummies for newborn babies

MAM Night Soothers

  • Glow in the dark
  • Comes with travel & sterilising case
  • Orthodontic & made from silicone

best dummies for newborn babies

Phillips Avent Soothie

  • One piece construction
  • Soft to mimic nipple
  • Latex free

How do you choose the best newborn dummy for breastfed babies?

There are a few things to consider when picking out the best dummy for your newborn. First, you’ll want to make sure that the nipple is the right size. It should be small enough so that your baby can suck on it easily, but large enough so that they don’t choke on it.

Second, you’ll want to pick a dummy that’s made from safe materials. Some dummies are made with BPA-free silicone, which is a good option if you’re looking for something that’s safe for your baby to use.

Third, you’ll want to consider the shape of the dummy. Some dummies are shaped like a traditional dummy, while others are shaped like a nipple. If you’re not sure which one is best for your baby, it’s a good idea to try out a few different types before settling on one. There is no right answer here!

Finally, you’ll want to pick a dummy that’s easy to clean. Some dummies can be washed in the dishwasher, while others need to be cleaned by hand. Either way, make sure you sterilise the dummies if your baby is under 6 months old!

The 5 best dummies for newborns and babies

So you’ve seen our top 3 at a glance, now let’s take a look at in-depth and complete the roundup of dummies for younger babies and newborns!

best dummies for newborn babies

MAM Colours of Nature

The MAM Colours of Nature dummies are the best all rounders. They’re suitable for bottle or breastfed babies, but particularly well suited to bottle fed babies who are using MAM bottles already.

They’re orthodontic dummies made from silicone, BPA free and come in a variety of sizes as your baby gets older and needs a larger dummy. So if you have a baby that’ll only take one brand, you can be sure MAM will have the next size up for them!

best dummies for newborn babies

MAM Night Soothers

The MAM Night Soothers are practically identical in features to MAM Colours of Nature dummies, except these orthodontic dummies also glow in the dark.

Now if you’re pregnant with your first baby you might think this is a bit of a gimmick but trust me, you will want glow in the dark dummies. They save you a lot of crawling around on the floor at night hunting for them when they’ve fallen out of the cot!

These dummies, along with the ones featured above, come with a travel case that also doubles up as a steriliser. This makes it super easy to sterilise on the go and keep your dummies clean when you’re out and about.

best dummies for newborn babies

Phillips Avent Soothie

You may recognise the Phillips Avent Soothie from American TV shows because this style of dummy took off there first before coming to the UK.

They’re unique in the fact they are a one-piece construction style dummy, meaning you don’t have to worry about the teat breaking away from the base like you do with a traditional style dummy.

Due to the fact the entire dummy is made from silicone, this makes the base incredibly soft and closer to breastfeeding for your baby, so it’s particularly popular with breastfed babies. They’re BPA free, latex free and the flexible nipple makes them perfect for a breastfed baby.

best dummies for newborn babies

Tommee Tippee Breast Like Soother

Another softer style dummy is the Tommee Tippee Breast Like Soother. It works in a similar way to the Phillips Avent Soothie, mimicking the overall breast shape at the base which comes into contact with baby’s nose.

This style of dummy is perfect for the newborn stage because it will feel a lot more like their mother’s nipple to a newborn by having the same shape at the end of the teat.

The design of the Tommee Tippee dummy is clever in that there’s large ventilation holes around the base allowing for better airflow than other dummies.

best dummies for newborn babies

BIBS Round Nipple Soother

Ok, so I have included one here that I’m choosing solely on the way it looks. We all know this trendy style of dummy so I’ve chosen the best one I can find for features as well as being very on trend right now.

BIBS dummies are recommended by midwives to support breastfeeding due to the shape of the base being similar to their mother’s breast, however they’re also popular with bottle fed babies.

They come in a pack of two and out of all the dummy shapes, this “cherry shaped style teat” gets my seal of approval on looks and functionality.

How to get your baby to take a dummy

The best way to get your baby to take a dummy is to introduce them early on. If you are breast feeding, avoid introducing dummies before your baby is 4-6 weeks old, or after you establish breastfeeding. This is to avoid nipple confusion which is very common in the early weeks with breastfed newborns.

Next, make sure you are using the correct size (aka the advised age range) dummy for your newborn. This will help promote healthy oral development in the months to come and avoid baby gagging on a teat that is too large for them.

This video below has some more pointers that should help you:

So there you have it, my round-up of the best dummies for newborn babies! Hopefully this has given you some ideas on which type of dummy would be best for your little one. And remember, if in doubt always ask your midwife or health visitor for their advice.

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