Muslin Cloths: What Are They Used For?

If you’re a new parent, you’ve probably heard of muslin cloths by now. But what are they used for? You see, until you have your baby you have probably never used a muslin square in your life. And suddenly everyone is buying them for you, they’re in every gift basket and you’re wondering how on earth you use a muslin.

Or maybe your baby is here and you know you should be using a muslin cloth for something but you can’t figure out what. Well, as a seasoned mum of two, I’m here to fill you in. Get ready for the word muslin to be ingrained into your brain forever ;).

What are muslin cloths?

Muslin squares (or cloths) are huge pieces of soft material, usually made from cotton. Muslin fabric is usually designed for delicate skin (like newborn babies) which makes them the perfect addition to your changing bag, nursery, car… basically anywhere you and baby go together, you should have muslins to hand!

They can be used for all sorts of things, but mostly they’re used for mopping up spills, wiping runny noses and cleaning up sick (trust me, you’ll be doing a lot of that). You can also use them as a lightweight blanket or a sunshade in the pram.

What do you use muslin cloths for?

Muslin cloths are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Wiping down surfaces
  • Cleaning up spills
  • Wiping baby’s face and hands
  • Burping baby (to catch the spit up!)
  • Discreet breastfeeding
  • A light blanket to keep baby well covered
  • Keeping baby out of the sun
  • Changing mat for nappy changes out and about
  • Swaddling (if you have an extra large muslin you can wrap)
  • A comforter for baby (although they are breathable, always supervise this)
  • Playing peek a boo (seriously)

Basically muslin squares are about to become your new best friend and you’ll find it one of the better parenting hacks you’re about to learn about. Get a good set – you’ll need them!

What are the benefits of a muslin cloth?

LOTS! For starters, they’re extremely soft and gentle on your baby’s skin. They’re also very absorbent, so they’re great for mopping up spills and wiping runny noses. And if you have a sicky baby, muslins make it much easier to clean up.

How to wash and care for your muslin cloths

Ideally, you should have around six muslins, although you can never have enough when you’re new parents. When they get dirty, simply pop them in the washing machine with your regular load of laundry. And that’s it! It couldn’t be simpler to keep them clean and considering all the washing you’ll be doing with babygros, you’re likely to always have a clean one to hand!

How many muslins do you need for a newborn?

Honestly, you can’t have enough. Babies love muslins for a variety of different reasons, like using them as a comforter, blanket, or just snuggling into them over your shoulder, and you’ll love how versatile they are to wipe any little spill that will inevitably happen with your newborn child.

You should aim to have at least one pack of 6 muslin squares for your baby’s arrival but you will likely want an endless supply before long, in which case you’re best to purchase two or three packs of 6 to keep you going between washing.

What is the best quality muslin fabric?

100% sustainable cotton is the best quality muslin fabric. They should feel soft and smooth to touch so they’re gentle enough for baby and whatever you’re using them for. As this is such a versatile material, there are blends such as bamboo cotton that are equally as good.

The best brands of muslin cloths on the market

Now that you’re sold on the idea of muslin cloths and know all the different ways you can use them for babies (aka for mopping up all the dribble), let’s look at some of the best brands of muslin cloths on the market. I’m going for lots of different options here for your little bundle because it’s important we meet your budget, needs, and preferences best!

Best Budget-Friendly Muslins

These large muslins from Comfy Cubs would make a fantastic nursing cover or swaddle wrap alongside the typical uses of muslin squares. They’d also be great for popping down on the floor when your newborn is ready to start practicing tummy time, or for a DIY changing mat. They come in gender-neutral or specific colours and are very budget-friendly for a pack of 6!

Best Organic Cotton Muslin Cloths

These breathable, organic cotton muslin cloths from Bloomsbury Mill are the best I could find for a budget friendly price, especially for a neat pack of 6. They’d make a fantastic gift for parents of a newborn (you can change the colours here for boy/girl/gender neutral), or a great addition to your own nursery collection. They’re super soft and well worth investing a few extra ££s!

Best Muslins for Breastfeeding

These extra-large muslins from Ana Wiz are perfect if you’re looking for nursing coverage out and about. They come in a handy pack of 4 and are made from super soft 100% cotton. They’d also make an excellent lightweight swaddle so you’ll never be short on ways to use these. Definitely one to add to your shopping basket – especially with the cute animal prints!

Best Bamboo Muslin Cloths

If you’re looking for a good alternative to the standard cotton muslin, why not try bamboo? These bamboo cotton muslins from Bisoo are hypoallergenic (great for babies with sensitive skin!) and soften with each wash, making them perfect for newborns.

Best Muslin for Newborn Baby

The best thing about these super soft muslins from ABirdon is you can use them for practically ANYTHING when caring for your newborn. From wiping up sick to washing their body, these 100% cotton muslins have six muslin layers meaning they’re thick enough to use for wash cloths – a lovely, soft alternative to a sponge when cleaning baby!

As you can see, there are a lot of different types of muslin cloths on the market are they all do pretty much the same job… and lots of them! You have a few choices, like organic or bamboo, but ultimately you’ll find whatever muslin squares you buy to be a huge help with your newborn children! Whatever you choose, just make sure they’re soft and gentle for baby’s delicate skin.

Have you used muslin cloths before? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments below!

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